About Me

Thank you for stopping in! I'm sure you are wondering, who I am.

Well, I am
  • nearly 30
  • an Event Planner
  • an avid reader (with a degree in English Literature)
  • a novice crochet-er (I have a strong love for crocheting while doing ... anything!)
  • a cat owner (2 cute cats, whom I'm sure you will see a lot of!)
  • in a serious relationship (no ring on this finger yet though haha)
  • living in Canada's Capital (but that may change... boyfriend is on an assignment out here)
  • a brunette today (but who knows tomorrow lol)
  • a bubble bath lover
  • a wino (who doesn't love a good glass of pinot grigio after a long day)
  • taking a strong interest in my health
  • extremely fond of snail mail
  • a novice photographer (I have a Nikon D3100 and am still learning how to use it!)
  • in love with going to the Cottage
  • a tea drinker (while I absolutely love David's Tea, I also have a strong love for Twinnings Tea)
  • a Pink Lady (it's my favourite colour and has been since I've been a little girl!)
You can find me on twitter and on instagram !

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to say hi anytime! :)

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