Saturday, June 1, 2013


Currently I am

watching...Texas Chainsaw Massacre... The new one. It's a lazy rainy day and I decided to be Brave and watch a scary movie! I will let you know how well this works out! But I am anxiously awaiting the new season of Big Brother! and the new show Under the Dome! Sometimes I just love summertime television.

listening to... country! I have gotten a lot of my friends and family into Country lately! I loooooove that they are starting to like it!

thinking, volunteering, our upcoming trip to Niagara Falls for Todd's Ride.... our trip later in the summer to Newfoundland... and how getting a job now it will probably be rather difficult to get over 2 weeks off to road trip with my boyfriend to his home....when we do go back home, how many presents I'd like to have made (crocheted) before we go! Lots of things are on my mind right now.

trying to figure out... working...crochet patterns....the best way to circulate air in this 2nd floor apartment so we don't boil at night this summer!

looking forward to spending some time with my parents this weekend; seeing a childhood friend whom I haven't seen since her wedding 6 years ago; seeing boyfriend cross the finish line after his 200 km ride to conquer cancer; spending a night in a hotel and doing wine tours! I am looking forward to many things this summer! :)

reading... The Friday Night Knitting Club and Game of Thrones book 1.... :-) I am excited to move onto some new books though!

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