Monday, September 9, 2013

Do we all go back to our roots???

Some say you can never go home.
Maybe it's because you are not the same person when you once lived there... maybe it's because 'home' changes when you leave, thus the home you know is no longer.

We have moved back home. Yes, both my boyfriend and myself are living in my parents basement. AHHHH!

OK let's rewind to the end of July, that is when everything started to change.

We found out in July that boyfriend was getting a transfer to Kingston (my hometown)... We were excited and scared. This has been the goal that we have been working towards for the last 3 years. We asked my parents if we could crash in their basement for a few months before we found a place. At the time, we were going to save up for first and last to rent for another year before we looked into buying a house in Kingston. My parents said yes we could crash but then we started thinking... WHY RENT?!?!?! Why give thousands of dollars to someone else, when we could be putting that money into our own home.

Anxious with the thought of potentially buying a home... we went away on our trip to Newfoundland! This trip was supposed to be exciting, a wedding, hopefully getting out on boat in the ocean.... enjoying a newfoundland summer. But then, we ALL got sick. Boyfriend was sick for 4 of the 8 days we were home with his family. (boooo how sad!)

The day we left to come home, my throat was a little scratchy.... but little did I know, that I would be hit with the worst virus I'd had in a while... Strep Throat. BUT I think I also still had the newfie virus because I also couldn't keep food down.... nor could I sleep.... My days that were supposed to be filled with packing and visiting with Ottawa friends, were now filled basically with showering in hot showers, eating popsicles and crying on the couch (I turn into the biggest baby when I'm sick!)... How were we supposed to move when I was sick?

That is where my mom comes to the rescue and saves the move! We could not have moved if it were not for her. She came to Ottawa and packed my apartment (she must have packed for nearly 12 hours... STRAIGHT... in 35+C Degree weather!)

The move itself was so terrible, I won't even write about it... but that lands us now in Kingston.

Boyfriend had booked his vacation to allow time for the move, so we relaxed in Kingston (and at the cottage) before he started his  job....  This past weekend we went House Hunting & I haven't been more excited about ... well... anything! ahhhhh!

OK, I vow to write more... I'd like to use this blog to remember all of this crazy process!


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