Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nearly 3 months later...

Why hello. Sorry I have been MIA. We knew this would happen didn't we? But I've come back... I always come back ;-)

So, many things have happened since my last post. Now, we are proud owners of a brand spanking new home! I am working 2 jobs (as of this week). My brother has moved in with us. And Christmas, is well, it's coming and coming FAST!

I'm not entirely sure how much time I have right now to write, but I promise to be back with more details about the house... and to chat about Christmas. I absolutely LOVE Christmas. I am a kid in a Candy Store every year. I am surprised that years of working retail have not changed this fact, but I still love Christmas. I have been working on presents since about August, maybe July. Since before the move happened, that's for sure. Yes, we moved Christmas presents.... twice.

Anyway, We are still in love with this house. It's hard to believe that it's ours, it's all ours! And as I mentioned, a lot has happened bringing us up to today! How have you been? Anything exciting happening?

I'll be back. But no, for realz, I will be back soon!


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